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Who We Are

We love what we do. We think it shows. We'd love to work together with you.

It's simple really. Exceptional products and big choice backed by a buying power that keeps cost low. A pride in delivering exactly what you asked for exactly when and where you need it. The heart to go the extra mile because we want to.

And a passion for seeing your catering business whether that's a restaurant, café bar, gastro-pub, coffee shop, golf club, school, care home (or anything in between) grow – because then we all benefit.

When you're trying to launch or grow your business, it helps to have the support of people who've been there and done that; people who deliver what they promise (in every sense). Total Foodservice has been doing just that for over 100 years.


Our Story

Five generations on from where we began we're still a family firm. We think that says a lot about the values we hold - and what you can expect from us.



Our People

Today, the Total Foodservice team includes chefs and people infused in catering experience. They don't just know the products; they know the industry.


We're the people you can trust to be the value adding, ingredient sourcing, order delivering, menu developing partner that treats going the extra mile as business as usual.

To us, quality is having an eye for perfection in everything we do and caring passionately about the end result. It's the difference between saying we stock around 4,000 lines and actually stocking them. It's the difference between supplying the ingredients for your new menu and helping you design it.

And it's the reassurance of knowing that, from supplier due diligence to temperature control to environmental responsibility, there's no aspect of our business (or yours) we don't take seriously.


Quality Assurance

Of course the food and products we sell are of exceptional quality. But at Total Foodservice we see that as just the start of our commitment to you, not the end.



Operational Quality

We have invested heavily to ensure that we exceed customer expectations in everything we do and maintain exceptional Quality Standards.


It's who we are, what we stand for and what you get. Every time.

Always the same. It's what makes us different.

There's a lot to be said for 'the same'. When the same person calls to take your order, they can remind you about the bits you sometimes forget. The same, single supplier of everything means you place one order, get one delivery, one invoice and one great price.

The same delivery day makes staffing and stock management easier. And the same passion for what we do means that, whether you're looking for ingredient inspiration or a last minute order, you don't need to hope we'll be able to help; you know we will.


Familiar Faces

Our sales people don't really sell. We should call them 'getting to know you and your business so they can make life easier for you' people. But 'sales people' is just shorter.



Why Use Delivered Wholesale

Many people choose to get their food supplies from a Cash & Carry as there is a sense that this is cheaper. But is it really?



What Our Customers Have To Say

Read what some of our customers have said about us.



To us, 'the same' means always being able to count on us. We think that's what makes us different.

Creating it. Adding it. Helping you deliver it.

There's more to great value than price. Delivering great value means so much more. Every time you speak with us we want you to feel that we've made a difference. There's no end to the ways we aim to do that, but here are some examples…


Meet (Y)our Chefs

It's time to develop a new menu. You're seeking inspiration. You want to put a new ingredient to the test. Talk to Total Foodservice.



Marketing Support

If you need assistance blowing your own trumpet then let us help. We can offer support in producing and printing menus or see our menu templates for you to download.



Helping You Save

Our own warehousing facilities mean we can buy in bulk and pass on any savings to you. Read more about how we can save you money.


We're the people you can trust to be the value adding, ingredient sourcing, order delivering, menu developing partner that treats going the extra mile as business as usual.

As a family business it is essential for us that we put something back into the community and environment to secure the futures of our families and planet. To help us do this the company engages in a number of community activities, charity fundraising as well as promoting the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products. We have also ensured that where ever we can and where commercially viable, we operate in an environmentally preferred way.

Read more to find out about our work in the community and operational "Green" measures.


Charity & the Community

We enjoy working within our community and supporting local charities, we'll keep you up-to-date in out news section too!



Looking After Our Environment

As a family business the environment we work and live in is important to us. That's why we have ensured that where ever we can and where commercially viable, we operate in an environmentally preferred way.



Totally Green Solutions

Our commitment to environmental solutions has led to developing this range of environmentally friendly cleaning and washroom solutions with eco-label and DEFRA approved products.



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