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Menus and Marketing Support

From generating fabulous culinary ideas and costing up a dish to ensure it falls within your GP controls right through to printing a physical menu of what's on offer, menu production is a part of every food establishment. Sometimes though it's easy to hit a creative wall at some stage of the process and that's where we hope we can help.

Culinary Creation

Our trained and experienced Chefs are on hand to simply bounce creative ideas around with you to help stimulate your creativity or to introduce you to new and exciting products which would be ideal on your menu. Always respectful of each customer's individual creativity and culinary style our Chefs simply want to help where they can and share their passion for great food.

Menu Costing

All of our Representatives are sensitive to your need to make good GP on the menu items you create. With this in mind, they are happy to assist in pricing menu items and the goods which we supply realistically to ensure you meet your GP objectives. On many product lines we are able to offer alternative brands and ranges to cater for any budgets and our Representatives are incredibly knowledgeable of alternatives available for you.

Menu Design & Print

We're not an all singing and dancing print-shop, but we are experienced at producing worthy, laminated, colour menus based on your input and which reflect your business and your needs. This is an alternative, inexpensive and hassle-free way to acquire table-top menus to help sell the food you source from us. We call it teamwork and, because you are part of our team, we go the extra mile to help you.

So what do we offer?

The options aren't limitless, but there are a great many that you can mix and match as much as you want to get menus which truly reflect the flair, originality and nature of your business.

Whatever you need, we can look at all the options and offer a wide choice of size, lamination, colour, wording and style. And you retain total control over the entire process. We won't print until you are entirely satisfied and have given us your full approval.

For more information on menu creation at any stage in the process, speak to one of our Representatives.

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