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They say they can TRUST us...

Consistent service

Our catering manager established the partnership with Total Foodservice, and we have never looked back. I never hear a murmur of complaint from the kitchen team, and the clients often comment on the quality end-products they receive from us, which is testament to the ingredients our talented catering staff use to create our range of meals. It's great to know that it is all just working perfectly in the background and I have very little need to be involved.

Competitively distinct

Our previous relationship with a supplier did not totally meet our expectations and whilst it started well, the service level began to slip as we matured as a customer.

That isn't how Total Foodservice works. They position themselves on a higher playing field than their competitors, and add little flairs to their service which makes them shine. An example of this is the marketing support they gave our business as we launched. We were invited to their demonstration kitchen to cook some of our meals, which were then professionally photographed to be used in a brochure they created for us. They also gave us different treatments of our logo design for the side of our delivery van and even our fleeces.

Excellent ethos

What stands out above all else in Total Foodservice is the remarkable values that underpin every single aspect of the business. The entire team, from the back office staff, to the marketing team, right through to the delivery drivers all possess an inherent need to reach the optimum level of service for the customer. There is a family-orientated feel about everyone who works there which makes you feel like a treasured individual customer.

Why we'd recommend Total Foodservice

Total Foodservice is the only food service provider you will ever need to use. It is as simple as that.

Exceptional products

The Total Foodservice range is of a very high standard, and quite diverse in comparison to other suppliers of their size. In the main, we receive all our dry goods – flour, sugar, custard and gravy granules – and all our frozen foods, mainly veg, plus a small amount of dairy. If there is an item that I require that they do not stock or is currently unavailable, I can speak to my rep and know they will make every effort to source, and often find exactly what I need.

Market knowledge

The entire team at Total Foodservice have an expert knowledge of the products they deal in day to day. They offer a bespoke service in the sense that they know my likes and dislikes and match them to the best product for my needs at that moment in time. Whether it be switching brands as the quality is higher following a development in the product, or if the cost is reduced.

Pricing is a constant battle for me, but Total Foodservice fight the good fight in finding what I require, and products to the standard I require, at the best cost possible. Their reps are not your typical reps that try and draw as much money out of you as possible, they are friendly and dedicated to maintaining a healthy client relationship.

Responsive service

My order is placed on a Thursday at a set time. Total Foodservice call me, which is great in itself. The full order is then delivered the following day. Such a fantastic turnaround time allows me to assess my stock levels at the latest possible moment to prevent repeat and over ordering. I won't use big companies because you just don't get the same responsiveness or attention to detail. If I do forget a product, which has happened in the past, they will get it to me on the earliest available delivery.

Why we'd recommend Total Foodservice

In a nutshell, I'd recommend Total Foodservice because their consistency of service is superb. You know where you stand, and you know they are doing their best for you.


Total Foodservice operates from premises local to us, and they have a good range of locally sourced produce too. As a company which is very conscious about its environmental impact, it's very important to us that we keep our 'food miles' as low as possible. Not many companies provide this service with such a low carbon footprint, but they do, and they do it well.

Personal service

I felt an immediate rapport with our account manager, who has been extremely helpful from the very start. His hard work and determination shines through, and we really value his input. We can trust the advice he gives on products, because we know he has our best interests at heart.

Extra mile

As a charity, we keep a very careful watch on our outgoings so that we can maximise the revenue put towards the resource centre. Total Foodservice has proven to be very cost-effective, but we never expected that they would also offer to donate to our charity as well, which meant a great deal to us. In May we were very proud to win our first award. The criterion was very strict and included secret shoppers and votes from customers. Part of our score was based on the quality of our food, so the fact we scored highly here should reflect well on Total Foodservice, as they supply a majority of what we serve.

Why we'd recommend Total Foodservice

I have been very impressed with the quality of service provided by Total Foodservice. The deliveries are always right and always on time, and believe me, that's a rare find in this business.

They tell us our products & services are QUALITY...

Positive relationship

Ultimately, the reason the relationship with Total Foodservice continues to go from strength-to-strength after 8 years is that the team are dedicated to being as reliable and as helpful as possible, and the operations behind the business is clearly structured to ensure this can happen. The team really pull together to add that extra touch to a special service.

I remember an occasion when I needed extra canapιs for an event which was oversubscribed, and the products required were delivered with ample time to spare.

Little touches

You get the sense when dealing with anyone at Total Foodservice that they are all pulling in the same direction, and that direction is to offering the best service possible to the client. For me, it's the little touches to service that exemplify this, such as repeating an order back in full to check it is exactly what is required. Yes, this takes a little bit of extra time but it allows me breathing space to review my order and make sure I haven't forgotten anything.

Exceptional products

Obviously, one of my primary concerns as catering manager at the school is that the students receive food of nutritional value, but that also tastes good. By accessing some of the more specialist products that Total Foodservice supply, we are able to take more of a creative approach to our menu, and give it that extra lift. The range of products available allow me to offer something specific to all age ranges, after all the likes of a Year 7 child are very different to that of an 18-year-old.

Why we'd recommend Total Foodservice

All the team show an absolute dedication to delivering a service which matches and exceeds my expectations.

Personal service

The level of personal service offered by Total Foodservice is very high. I have found everybody in the organisation that I have dealt with to be pleasant, polite and thoroughly professional.

I have become used to our account manager stopping by every now and then to ask if we are happy with the service. If there are new products which he thinks would suit us, he'll let us know. If there is something that's not quite working for us, he'll go and look into it straight away.


Total Foodservice is always happy to accommodate us even when the solution might disrupt them. To begin with, our deliveries were arriving at lunch time when all of our staff were busy tending to our residents. When we let them know, they worked with us to accommodate our delivery needs to make sure they got to us at a quieter time of day.

The extra mile

It's as if nothing is too much trouble for Total Foodservice, so long as it makes life easier for us. When a delivery driver arrived recently to find we had no free staff to help him unload, he carried the stock indoors for us, rather than the alternative of leaving it at the door and open to the elements.

Why we'd recommend Total Foodservice

Our basic need is a local food supplier that delivers at a good price. Total Foodservice goes way beyond that. The level of service is exceptional and something I haven't been used to in this industry. Their whole focus seems to be making my life easier, and who wouldn't want that?

Service ethos

Exceptional customer service is embedded at the core of the Total Foodservice business. It flows right the way through everything they do. The managing director has a hands-on approach, and you can tell his principles are shared by all the Total Foodservice team. In comparison to my previous supplier, they never miss the mark. All deliveries are on time, and throughout the year we've worked together so far, there have been two minor discrepancies in orders, but they were sorted so quickly that they had no impact on our service. Having worked in the industry for 20 years and dealt with a variety of providers, it is a truly sublime service that Total Foodservice offers.

Real reliability

Our individual rep is fantastic, the best rep I have dealt with throughout my career. Not only is his service impeccable, but he also manages the account impeccably. He understands my pricing structure and what I would view as affordable and good value, and he takes care of this for me. I know that I would be no better off using another product from the range, as I have been advised of the best value product for me. He and the entire Total Foodservice team let me get on with my real responsibilities, which is all you can ever ask from any supplier.

Personal touch

The team make a point of getting to know the business. This impacts on their account handling day to day, as they offer advice on the products we purchase that makes complete sense for our needs. With a previous supplier, they took every opportunity to sell, rather than every opportunity to sell smart – Total Foodservice will only ever bring an offer to you that may be of interest. I was also surprised by the range, not in terms of the quality, because as soon as you begin engaging with Total Foodservice you know they will only offer the highest quality, but the breadth and depth of their offer is outstanding.

Why we'd recommend Total Foodservice

Total Foodservice is demonstrably the most efficient, friendly and intelligent foodservice provider I have ever had dealings with. They know me, they know my account and they deliver to an exceptionally high standard.

They say we're RELIABLE...

Menu creativity

Total Foodservice supply us with dry goods and frozen goods. To have confidence in these products – the base ingredients of the entire menu – is crucial to enable me and my team to be creative with the food we produce. The quality is exceptional and you can see a substantial amount of thought goes in to creating a range that will meet all demands and expectations.

Superb service

Every time I deal with the team at Total Foodservice I feel as though I am their number one concern and that no task is too large for them. The ability to have six deliveries a week is fantastic and helps with maintaining stock levels and menu planning. I even receive phone calls in the evening if they feel I am missing a product off an order, or if they have a query. It really is complete dedication to doing the best for the customer, which is too often forgotten these days.

Lasting relationship

It's fantastic to have worked with a supplier for more than 20 years. They know my personal expectations and the way I like to work. It's also important to me to use local suppliers, and to have such a professional supplier on my doorstep is brilliant. I'm sure I will continue to use Total Foodservice for many years to come.

Why we'd recommend Total Foodservice

High-quality goods and exceptional service. It's the complete solution.

Long relationship

In total, I have had a relationship with the faces behind Total Foodservice for almost two decades. And very little has changed. We still feel as though we are dealing with that business we came on board with all those years ago, and that's the beauty of the relationship. We still feel just as important as we did when we first became a customer.

Personal service

All the Total Foodservice team are incredibly personable and helpful. The feedback I get from all the kitchen staff, particularly our head chef is that there is an absolute dedication to do everything possible and deliver exactly what we need.

When I ring – which isn't very often at all, which I think also says something – the receptionist always knows who we are and is keen to help. It's rare to feel like that in modern business.

Absolute reliability

Total Foodservice is a very important supplier to us. Their incredibly professional service allows us to get on with the day job, and not have any worries about us having the capacity and products to maintain our impeccably high standards. To have a daily delivery service that you know is going to run exactly as you wish it to is priceless.

Why we'd recommend Total Foodservice

With Total Foodservice, you feel like you're dealing with a human business, rather than being part of a numbers game.

Going green

Across our seven sites, we have a range of different environments, all of which require multi-purpose cleaning and hygiene products. We are always trying to instill environmentally friendly policies and procedures where we see the opportunity, so when Total Foodservice came along with their ecologically sound range of high-grade cleaning products, it was a good fit for us. Often, when going green, you have to give up some aspects of the quality of the service or product, but with Totally Green Solutions it is the full package, with no omissions or compromises.

Inspection compliance

We face a number of external inspections throughout the year, as well as meeting our own strict compliance guidelines in terms of health and safety and cleanliness. You can be sure that all the Totally Green Solutions products have been developed in accordance with the most thorough of compliance standards, which is a considerable weight off our shoulders. Health and safety is paramount for us. Some staff had mild reactions to previous products due to their chemical properties, but there is no risk of that with this range.

Consultation process

One of the best aspects of the service from Totally Green Solutions is the free consultation service and the ability to trial products. They analyse what the business really needs to purchase to match demand, which has a good impact on the cost effectiveness of our cleaning operations. We were able to get exactly what we wanted and needed before signing on the dotted line.

Why we'd recommend Totally Green Solutions

The product range and the service just tick all the boxes for what our business requires, and our staff appear to be delighted with the products.

Personal service

I like to deal with people rather than businesses and Total Foodservice offer a dedicated rep that I can deal with. I know I can get in touch with them and they will endeavour to match my expectations. They are very efficient in responding to queries and that prevents me from having to be on the phone chasing them, as may be the case with other suppliers.

Simple accounting

Invoicing and the money side of the operation are kept clear and clean, and this is of utmost importance if I am to be able to balance my books as every successful business needs to. Again, any issues I have I can deal with one person, my rep, and get it resolved.

Professional approach

My account is handled efficiently and effectively. I feel as though professionalism is at the heart of Total Foodservice's offering. They provide me with all my basic ingredients which are the bed rock of my originality, and to know that those dry goods such as seasoning, spices and flours are available and at a good standard as and when I need them offers peace of mind.

Why we'd recommend Total Foodservice

We've had a long relationship with Total Foodservice and I think that says a lot about how well we feel the relationship works. They can be relied upon to deliver what is asked of them, and there is a lot to be said for that.


I have always known that I can rely on Total Foodservice to be there to support my business. I have been in charge here for five years, but I worked at various other golf clubs for more than ten years beforehand, and one of the first phone calls I always make is to get these guys on board. The food is consistently of high quality, the deliveries are always punctual and accurate and the service is always slick.

Personal service

Over the years I have built great working relationships with the Total Foodservice team. I don't see them as just straightforward business partners that provide a service, because although they do that exceptionally well, it's only a part of what they offer. The guys are always on the end of the phone if ever I'm stuck and need helping out as well.


I can trust my account manager to give me honest advice about the products they stock. I know if he says it's good stuff, then it will suit my establishment. I know if he says he's going to sort something for me, that it will get done.

I have a lot of friends and business associates that operate similar types of businesses to mine, and I always tell them to give Total Foodservice a ring. I know that they'll get good service and I have no qualms about recommending them.

Why we'd recommend Total Foodservice

In all the years I have worked with the company, they have never let me down. Even when there is a small hitch, they are always quick to resolve it and with no fuss made.


Total Foodservice takes a common sense approach to stock and deliveries. If we have forgotten to order something or have been caught unaware with low stock, their response always puts us at ease. They'll be sure to get anything to us by the fastest possible method. We have three deliveries a week and they are always spot on.

The extra mile

We had quite horrendous snow recently, and we were expecting all our suppliers to have difficulty getting to us. Kirsty, our regular Total Foodservice driver, was so determined to get to us she shovelled snow off the road. It's a level of service you just come to not expect, and it's great to see that some companies still want to do the best for their customers.

Product range

All the products we receive are perfect quality, and enable us to create tasty dishes that the people we care for will love. Whilst the exceptional products speak for themselves, we also receive regular updates on new seasonal products and special ranges. Total Foodservice also gives us a call to tell us about any special offers they have running that fit well with our existing orders.

Why we'd recommend Total Foodservice

We've been supplied by Total Foodservice competitors in the past and they just do not measure up. The extra flexibility and higher level of service comes at no extra cost. We want consistency in our deliveries and the quality of product, and that is exactly what we get with Total Foodservice.

And they say we offer great VALUE.

Full service

The beauty of Total Foodservice is that they make it very easy. They offer the whole spectrum of food products I need, as well as their cleaning products line, Totally Green Solutions, which is a superb additional service area. They have clearly invested in understanding what we need, and brought it all under one roof. Dry, tinned, frozen - you name it; they have it, or will do their best to source it. I can ensure that all areas of the hotel are serviced, from breakfast to banqueting. Their service is exceptional. We all have emergency situations where there is a requirement for extra stock or a special request, and Total Foodservice bend over backwards to get it to you.

Sensible pricing

There are no shocks when it comes to cost. There is consistency in pricing that other operators do not offer. That is hugely important for me in managing the budget and making sure my creativity is constrained, but also maximised, within the resources available to me. All the accounts and paper trails are managed brilliantly; I always know where I am up to.

Responsible reps

Our rep is very attentive without being overpowering. She will pop in every month or so to check everything is as it should be and we are running smoothly – and make valuable suggestions as to new product lines or additional menu items we could offer. Often other providers make you feel they are only interested in the bigger customers, and that certainly isn't the feeling you get with Total Foodservice.

Why we'd recommend Total Foodservice

Total Foodservice offers consistency on price, a great range of produce and a high level of service, which is everything I could ask for from a supplier.

Personable people

All the team at Total Foodservice that I have had the pleasure to deal with have been very approachable and friendly. It doesn't feel like a large business, as the service is so personal and handled by such personable members of staff. Everyone is dedicated to giving a high level of service, right down to the delivery team, who always offer more help than necessary in getting products into our kitchens. Even just speaking to the people who work in the office is simple and easy, as they understand my account and are committed to the Total Foodservice standard.

Complete convenience

There is an expansive range of product to choose from, and our deliveries include groceries, dried and ambient foods and frozen products. Stock levels are clearly kept high as I've never had trouble ordering additional items. Goods that are not included as part of my contract are easily sourced and added to deliveries. That element of total convenience is hugely important to us when we are serving three meals a day to up to 100 people.

Special effort

There have been a number of occasions where the Total Foodservice team has gone the extra mile for us. On a few occasions we have missed ordering products that are of quite high importance to our menu that week, and the delivery driver has called back to the depot when the schedule has allowed them, and the products have arrived on a delivery later that day. We're also in quite a remote location so during times of extreme weather we wouldn't have been surprised if they hadn't managed to get to us, but they do.

Why we'd recommend Total Foodservice

Total Foodservice is everything you would hope a supplier would be and more. Fair on price and exceptional service.

Complete package

Total Foodservice has worked with me for over a decade, and has never wavered from offering the highest quality products, which fit perfectly with the dietary requirements of the patients in our care. I have utilised their entire range of products at one time or another, and have never been disappointed. They are always able to quickly source any specialist products I require for a patient with particular needs. Their flexibility is so important as the diet of each patient has to be constantly monitored and altered, so our order is always changing, and they handle that impeccably.

Friendly service

The entire team that I deal with at Total Foodservice are all great people, and there is a lot to be said for that. They are an extension of my team, and I work with them as I do with my colleagues. The personal approach they have is brilliant, and they don't just make you feel like a priority, you are a priority. They are happy to let me pop in to the depot to collect anything I have forgotten to order, but are also more than happy to bring it to me.

Constant communication

I never feel out of the loop with Total Foodservice. Be it from notifying me of my delivery schedule, to replacement products, to new offers suitable for my needs, I am always informed as to what is happening with my service. It's exceptionally easy to place my order, and the handling of my account is second-to-none.

Why we'd recommend Total Foodservice

I have recommended Total Foodservice on numerous occasions to friends and contacts, and I do so because I truly cannot find any area for improvement. They are committed, professional and a delight to deal with. I see many of the people there as friends.

Menu insight

Total Foodservice has, in one guise or another, been a supplier of ours for more than half a decade. Having joined Swinton Park Golf Club recently, I have been keen to revitalise the menus we have here. I was invited to their Clitheroe depot for a demonstration in the production kitchen. They showcased the Total Foodservice range and helped get my creative juices flowing in terms of the dishes we could realistically add to our menu.

Human approach

he individuals I and our head chef deal with day-to-day at Total Foodservice are warm, friendly and easy to get along with. I've been in the hotel trade for a long, long time and the customer care aspect of the work Total Foodservice do is second-to-none. My visit to the Clitheroe depot just confirmed this opinion as the entire team were very welcoming and relaxed.

Exemplary support

In the hospitality trade, it is incredibly important for there to be flexibility in ordering and the range of products available to ensure we can cater for the changing tastes of our customers, as well as seasonal fluctuations in our visitor numbers. Total Foodservice understand this challenge, and address it well with their order process and the management of our account.

Why we'd recommend Total Foodservice

The merge of an exceptionally professional service, with a personal touch, really makes dealing with Total Foodservice a simple and enjoyable experience. I'm sure they take the exact same approach to all their customers.

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