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Sandwich Bars

Supplying Wholesale Breads and Sandwich Fillings to Customers throughout the North of England, UK.

The British Sandwich Association

We are proud to be members of the British Sandwich Association supporting the industry and particularly the role of the independent sandwich caterer

At Total Foodservice we have many years of experience of working alongside Sandwich Bar managers throughout the North of England, providing them with high quality wholesale breads, sandwich fillings, drinks and much more. Our experience and dedication to our customers has seen us become the preferred bread and sandwich fillings supplier to countless establishments across the North. 

Working alongside the managers and owners of these sandwich bars our experienced and creative team have developed a speciality range of products designed to meet the needs of this market in a one stop shop.

For more information on why we should be your preferred wholesale breads and sandwich fillings supplier then please feel to contact us or read on for more details on the fantastic range of products that we provide.


Your Preferred Sandwich Fillings Supplier

At Total Foodservice we pride ourselves on being one of the best sandwich fillings suppliers in the North of England, UK. From fully prepared vegetarian sandwich fillings to sliced meat fillings our range delivers a plethora of sandwich filling options including: Fully Prepared Mayonnaise Fillings. 

A large and varied range of pre-prepared fillings perfect for sandwiches, jacket potatoes and salads, conveniently packed in fully sealed attractive black PET presentation dishes which look great in display cabinets. The products all have a high protein to mayonnaise ratio making them great value for money!


Marinated Sliced Meat Fillings.

A popular range of flavoursome marinated meats with no mayonnaise. Excellent for sandwiches, salads and recipe dishes, needing no additional ingredients. To extend their volume or change their texture they are also good blended with natural yoghurt, creme fraiche or even mayonnaise. 


Quality Cooked Meats.

Our range of quality meats are sourced locally, contain no additives and no preservatives making them exceptional quality and value for money. We offer whole or half joints which are carefully butchered, trimmed to perfection and slowly cooked to retain flavour and texture, as well as sliced cooked meats in 500g or 1kg packs, sealed in a modified atmosphere for safety and freshness and available in both standard and wafer thin slicing. 

So if you’re looking for a sandwich fillings supplier that offers you more choice and quality than any other then please get in touch today and talk through your options with us. 

At Total Foodservice not only are we sandwich fillings suppliers but we also supply a huge range of other products perfect for sandwich bar catering including wholesale breads, drinks, disposable catering items and point of sale products such as cakes and chocolates.


Our range of wholesale breads

At Total Foodservice we have somewhat of a specialism with Wholesale Breads - in fact we hold well over 100 different varieties including organic and gluten free bread. We have made it our mission to develop one of the most comprehensive foodservice ranges of wholesale breads available. With over 100 varieties of artisan breads from around the world - Cumbria, Yorkshire, France, Spain, Italy, Lebanon to name just a few. 

Fully baked and part-baked options available in our range include rolls, focaccia, Panini, piegata, bagels, sliced, ciabatta, pave, tear & share, rustic loaves. 

Why not download our wholesale breads brochure for more information on the range we provide. 



Over the years our drinks range has grown bigger and bigger as more and more lifestyle brands have entered the market. Our range now encompasses a whole host of juices, smoothies, presses, cordials, bottled waters, flavoured waters, pops and traditional favourites. 


Impulse, crisps, cakes and confectionery

We know these products can make a real difference to your profit margin, capturing the customer at the point of purchase. We stock both wrapped and unwrapped options from the big brands as well as our own brand range. Click here for more information on our impulse products.


For more information on any of our product ranges or to start your order contact us today and we will be more than happy to help.

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