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Why Buy Frozen?

Far from being inferior to 'fresh' food, frozen food is often fresher than 'fresh' - and offers other advantages too.


The North West’s Best Frozen Food Wholesaler

The most extensive range of frozen food products and the highest level of customer service make Total Foodservice one of the best frozen food suppliers in the UK.

As a frozen food wholesaler that takes great pride in the products that we provide you can rest assured that every item you order will be of the highest quality and will guarantee satisfaction every time.

Our fantastic range proves that frozen food does not have to compromise quality and every item is chosen especially for the highest possible quality and convenience for Chefs and caterers. Having worked in the foodservice business for over 100 years our dedication to providing high quality food has never wavered. We apply this dedication to every product we supply and that is just one of the things that make us the trusted frozen meat, poultry, dairy and frozen veg supplier of so many successful catering businesses.

Why not take a look at our frozen food directory or contact us today to get your order started. We are sure that after just one order you will be happy to call us your new frozen food wholesaler.

You Need the Very Best Frozen Meat Supplier

As a caterer you will know that there are countless benefits to buying frozen products, and especially frozen meat and poultry, including year round availability and long term menu planning. That's why you need a frozen meat supplier with the best choice, realistic minimum order values and flexible ordering and payment methods to ensure that your kitchen can run to the best of its ability.

Just some of the frozen meat, poultry and fish range we provide is listed below. For the full list why not take a look at our frozen food directory.

Meat Products

Gourmet meat and poultry, IQF sausages, beefburgers & burgers, ribs, steak & bacon, IQF meats and poultry.

Poultry Products

Chicken goujons, chicken dippers & chicken nuggets, uncooked poultry products, part-cooked poultry products, cooked poultry products, smoked poultry products, turkey breast, duck products.

Fish & Seafood

Coated scampi and seafood, crustaceans & specialities, fresh frozen fish, fish steaks, IQF fish fillets, Battercrisp fish fillets, breaded fish, smoked fish, seafood starters and seafood entrees, gourmet fishcakes.

Frozen Fruit & Vegetable

Chips, potato specialities, vegetables, pulses, herbs, fruit

If you're looking for a frozen fruit and frozen veg supplier that offers an unparalleled range, dedicated customer service and the highest quality produce then you need Total Foodservice

Everything You Need From a Frozen Food Wholesaler

Not only are we expert frozen meat & veg suppliers but we also provide a terrific range of other frozen produce such as breads, buffet food, desserts and dairy products.

Buffet and starter products

Pates and parfaits, crispy crumb veg and cheeses, onion rings, ethnic starters and buffet products.

Vegetarian products

Vegetarian pates and fillings, prepared vegetarian products.


Prepared individual entree, multi-portion meals

Meal accompaniments

Sauces, Yorkshire puddings, pasta entrees & rice, Mexican products, ethnic products

Pastry Products

Unbaked sausage rolls, hot serving pies and suet puddings, individual baked pies and pasties, individual unbaked pies and pasties, pastry and pie toppings, ready baked quiches.


Omelettes, cheese & butter products

Bread & Bakery products

Gluten free bakery products, morning goods, restaurant breads, sandwich breads, every day breads, naan, pitta and pizza products.


Wrapped and unwrapped confectionery, chocolate bars, flapjacks, luxury muffins, loaf cakes, tray bakes, coffee and tea shop cakes.


Dessert cakes, individual desserts, sweet pies and tarts, cheesecake, traditional hot puddings, freezer to table, ice cream and sorbets, impulse ice cream and ices, ice cubes.

Looking For Frozen Food Suppliers In The UK That Won't Let You Down?

At Total Foodservice our dedicated team of catering enthusiasts know exactly what goes into every single one of our products. We offer an attention to detail that is not matched by other frozen food suppliers. UK sourced produce is always used where possible in all of our own brand frozen food ranges and whether you are looking to buy big brand names or our own brand range we can assure you that you will be getting the highest quality products. Whether it's raw frozen produce or a product which has been pre-prepared to the highest standard saving the caterer time and effort in onsite preparation, you will find the same exacting standards in all of our foods.

With many products including; IQF (Individually Quick Frozen), thaw & serve or cook from frozen our range has something for everyone. So if you're looking for a trustworthy and reliable frozen veg, frozen desserts or frozen meat supplier you have come to the right place. Contact us today to start ordering.


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