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Many people choose to get their food supplies from a Cash & Carry as there is a sense that this is cheaper.

But is it really?

Below we explore the benefits of Total Foodservice over a Cash & Carry and the ultimate time and cash savings which are not always immediately obvious.

Genuine one stop shop
The clue is in the name – we offer a TOTAL service which means you can buy all of your frozen, chilled, ambient, non-food and cleaning products from us.

That means you don't have to visit 2 or 3 warehouses to get what you need.


Everything comes direct to your kitchen door or even your freezer if you ask us to, all on one delivery van.

Saving you time, transport and petrol costs.


No Heavy Lifting
Our service includes full delivery to your chosen location (we won't just leave the goods outside your door); whether it's meringues or catering size tins and bottles.

You don't have to struggle with heavy and awkward products from Warehouse to car to kitchen!


Order when you want
We have a number of ways for you to order: Direct with your rep, via our telesales office, fax, and email or even online.  That means that you can order when you want from where you want.

You're not restricted by cash and carry opening hours.


Product Range
With over 4000 lines held in stock, Total Foodservice can offer you products which many Cash and Carry's do not have.

Gives you more choice.


Split Cases
We are able to offer split cases on many products which at a Cash and Carry you might have to buy large unwanted quantities of.

You don't have to bulk buy unwanted quantities.


Live Stock Management
Our live stock-management system means that you will know when you place your order if your desired product is in stock.
On the rare occasion that it might not be, your telesales representative can offer you advice on an alternative or advise you on when a delivery is next expected.

That means you don't have to make a trip all the way to the Cash and Carry to discover that the items you want are not in stock – and there's no alternative.


Quality Assurance
Being certified with ISO 9001:2008 and CMi, all of our supplies must meet our strict quality standards and goods are handled & governed by our quality procedures and policies including fully temperature controlled delivery vehicles.

You can be sure you're doing everything to meet EHO standards especially when it comes to transporting the goods – your own car cannot assure you of the same temperature control on chilled and frozen goods.


A variety of payment options
We offer a variety of payment options to our customers, if you want to pay cash or cheque you can, but unlike Cash & Carry's if appropriate we can often offer you good credit terms.

Choice of payment options to suit you


Own Brand and Point of Difference Products
Total Foodservice has a commitment to finding unique products as well as all of the big brand names.  We also offer a varied range of own brand labels which offer the same great taste and quality as other brands allowing you to charge a premium out but at a lower cost to you.

Bigger margins for you!


Personal Service
All our customers are allocated a personal representative as well as a telesales representative who will call them regularly to take orders, inform you of any special offers and new products.

You don't have to innovate – we do it for you!


Product and purchase history
Our efficient ordering system and skilled operators store your entire purchasing history so if you can't remember what you had last year or forget something on your order which you regularly take, our Telesales Reps will prompt you.

You don't have to search through past invoices or wrack your brain to remember what you had or how much you paid.


Industry experienced chefs
We have a team of Chef Reps who have all qualified and worked as Chefs in a variety of establishments who can offer assistance with menu creation and planning including working to a stringent cost per head.

You have someone to bounce ideas off at no extra consultancy cost.


Low minimum order
Our minimum order for delivery is realistic and affordable or if you do want to collect you can spend any value.

You have an affordable minimum order; often less than a Cash & Carry minimum required spend.


Marketing Support
With specific tailored product ranges for different catering sectors we can offer bespoke products as well as menu design and Point Of Sale support to help you sell your menu items.
With Cash & Carry, you just put money in their pockets, with Total Foodservice our Marketing Support is there to help put money in yours!

You don't have to spend as much money on Marketing.

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