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Are you attracting ‘Breakfastarians’?


Potato brand Lamb Weston recently released an insight report outlining the future of breakfast. The key findings were that young adults are driving the trend for breakfast and brunch out of the home. With 48% of 18-24 year olds eating breakfast in cafes, coffee shops, restaurants and even pubs one or twice a month (and often more) and 41% of 25-30 years are doing this too.

Millennials are driving the rise of ‘Breakfastarians’ who are seeking breakfast influenced dishes throughout the day. This group are eating breakfast/brunch later in the day. 32% are eating out after 10am on Saturdays and Sundays.

Even though consumers are being more health conscious than ever the report shows that indulgence is the key driver when it comes to breakfast or brunch. 55% of people would choose indulgence over a healthier choice when selecting breakfast dishes.

Nigel Phillips, UK & Ireland sales manager for Lamb Weston says “The UK breakfast and brunch market is experiencing a bog boom, with 58% of people now seeing it as the most important meal of the day and as a crucial element of a venues offer. The times and occasions for breakfast and brunch are also evolving with breakfast no longer viewed as a functional meal to start the day but as a sociable, indulgent occasion.”

So what does this mean for the caterer and how can you make the most of the ‘Breakfastarian’ trend?

Offer something for everyone

Ensure your breakfast menu offers something from everyone. Total Foodservice offer everything for a traditional Full English Breakfast from premium local butchers’ sausages to chilled bacon, fresh eggs and baked beans, as well as the ingredients to create a more modern ‘on trend’ dish such as Avocado and Eggs Benedict on Sourdough Toast.

Extend your breakfast hours or add ‘All Day Brunch’ dishes to your menu

Ending your breakfast at 11am or earlier will mean you’re missing out on those 32% of customers looking for breakfast/brunch later in the day.

Add a ‘WOW’ to your breakfast display

Think of a breakfast pastry display and we’re sure you’ll imagine mostly a sea of beige. These new products from Panesco add a touch of colour and class to your display and are sure to be a big talking point amongst your customers. Just imagine how many instagrams those Millenials will be posting!

68980   Double Colour Chocolate Filled Croissant-(90gm)   1x40   
Voluminous layers of double coloured butter croissant created by two flavours of laminated moist, rich buttery dough and naturally coloured chocolate dough. With a chocolate filling.
19749   Double Colour Raspberry Filled Croissant-(90gm)   1x40
Layered double coloured butter croissant created by two flavours of laminated yeast dough, rich buttery dough and naturally coloured raspberry dough, with a delightful raspberry filling.
43961   Cruffin-Red Fruits-(85gm)   1x36
An original marriage of croissant and muffin; laminated croissant dough, enriched with butter and red fruits rolled up and baked in muffin mould. Supplied in muffin cases.
81752   Cruffin-Sugar Pearls-(85gm)   1x36
An original marriage of croissant and muffin; laminated croissant dough, enriched with butter and sugar pearls rolled up and baked in muffin mould. Supplied in muffin cases.

Who says breakfast can only be one course?

Why not add a Starter or Smaller Portion to your breakfast menu? Offer portions of muesli topped with yoghurt, fresh fruit salads or cereals as starters or sides, this will be especially popular with those choosing to eat later in the day.

Get Creative

Take a look at these 5 recipes created by our chefs. All are simple to prepare and will add a touch of excitement away from the usual Sausage and Bacon.

Smoked Haddock Kedgeree
A warm & comforting breakfast dish. Smoked seafood flavour with a slightly spiced rice. Top with a soft boiled egg.

Kippers on Toast
Sometimes a simple breakfast is the best. Our kippers come vac packed with butter. Serve with freshly roasted tomatoes on a toasted slice of your favourite bread.
1735   Kippers with Butter   12x170gm
54840   Pave Garde Chasse   4x1900gm (or your favourite loaf)

American Pancakes
U.S.A. style breakfasts are fast becoming a firm favourite here in the UK. Top our ready made American Pancakes with blueberries (our frozen blueberries are perfect) and a good drizzle of maple syrup. Add crispy, streaky bacon for an exciting touch.

French Toast
A sweet treat of French brioche loaf made with butter, crème fraîche and sugar dipped into a sweet custard mixture and fried. Serve with berries, sweetened crème fraîche and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Spiced Breakfast Casserole
Perfect for sharing. A stew of tomato, broad beans, potato and chorizo sausage delicately spiced with Mexican flavours. Top with eggs and bake in the oven before serving. Serve with your favourite bread or flour tortillas.

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