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Seasonal Chocolate & Fruit Pairings



Guest post from Callebaut Chocolate

From pear to pomegranate to strawberry or gooseberry – there aren’t many fruits out there that don’t pair wonderfully with chocolate. But creating the perfect pairing is both a science and an art and it pays to get the balance of cocoa and acridity just right.

Marrying the right chocolate with the right fruits can result in wonderful dessert creations that can be adapted across the seasons. What’s more, when consumers were asked about the flavours they would usually choose when ordering dessert, 44% said they typically opt for fruity flavours.

Although raspberry, apple and strawberry are the most popular fruit flavours, there is a clear demand for more variety on dessert menus, with 44% of consumers wanting to see more international flavours such as yuzu when eating desserts or baked goods out of home.

Callebaut’s core range, the 5 colours of Callebaut, offers the opportunity to create a huge range of exciting fruit and chocolate pairings, from raspberry and dark chocolate to yuzu and Ruby chocolate. Each of the 5 Belgian chocolate’s has a balanced flavour profile to allow for pairings and the variety of the range has got you covered for all seasons, with dark or Gold chocolate being suited to the colder seasons whilst Ruby and white chocolate are perfect for the warmer months.

To help get you inspired, discover our favourite fruity recipes below.

Callebaut 811 – Dark Chocolate

Our Chocolate Banoffee Pie recipe uses dark chocolate to contrast the banana flavour profile. An extra layer of Callebaut’s dark chocolate acts as a dairy supplement inside the pie, making the dessert suitable for vegans, as well as enhancing the indulgent flavour.

Callebaut 823 – Milk Chocolate

With 55% of consumers finding apple flavours appealing, our Parsnip and Apple Cake is sure to delight this Autumn. The light, airy mini cakes use both milk and dark chocolate to contrast the sweet nature of apple without overpowering the fruit profile.

Callebaut W2 – White Chocolate

Looking to pack a punch? We know that 34% of consumers would like to see more mash-up fusion desserts when eating out and our Mini Fruit Pavlovas with White Chocolate Cream combine the zesty flavours of blackberries and lemon with a creamy, rich white chocolate cream. Housed within a crispy meringue shell, the elegant pavlovas are perfect for introducing a wider range of flavours to your menu with fruit pairings that can easily be swapped out for fruits you already have elsewhere on your menu.

Callebaut Ruby – Ruby Chocolate

If you’re looking for a visually impactful dessert to encourage consumers towards fruit flavours, our Yuzu Ruby Chocolate No-Bake Cheesecake recipe is sweet yet tangy with a lovely pink hue. The mouth-watering cheesecake uses Yuzu, a citrus fruit that feeds into the demand for international flavours.

Callebaut Gold – Gold Chocolate

Try our Chocolate Caramel Sundae for a traditional Summers dessert, using the caramel flavour of Gold chocolate to contrast strawberry and raspberry fruit flavours. The delicious yet cooling treat can be topped with an array of fruit options and can be adapted to reflect seasonal fruits throughout the warmer months.

The demand for fruit flavours in the dessert landscape goes far beyond the standard fruit-topped desserts we often see on dessert menus, now including fruit-flavoured ganaches and baked goods. The 5 colours of Callebaut deliver versatility, quality and consistency every time, helping you make more from chocolate at every opportunity. All made with 100% sustainable cocoa, this is chocolate. Find more recipes and inspiration at

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