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Meatless Farm was founded by Danish Entrepreneur, Morten Toft Bech in 2016 based upon the real needs of his family. Concerned about health and the impact of food on the environment, he and his young family were keen to reduce their meat consumption. Morten noticed there was a lack of tasty and functional meat alternatives in the UK market, and so he started working with development chefs and food scientists and in 2018 the first Meatless Farm products (mince and burgers) were born and launched.

There’s a plant-based revolution and British company, Meatless Farm, is at the forefront. The Leeds-based supplier to the foodservice market creates plant-based mince, burgers, meatballs and sausages, as well as various other products too, with a focus on high quality ingredients that truly deliver on taste and texture. The range is made from a signature mix of pea and plant proteins.

Extensive consumer research from Meatless Farm, has revealed that over 41% of Brits are likely to consider choosing a plant-based dish when eating out of the home.

"There’s a global shift in the way people are eating and in the UK we know there’s a growing demand for meat-free, plant-based menu options. It’s not about being defined as vegan or veggie anymore. It’s about flexitarian, pescatarian and the growing market for meat reducers too. We know more consumers are opting for plant-based food based on environmental, health and animal welfare concerns" says Morten Toft Bech, Founder of Meatless Farm.

But, how do businesses create a meat-free offering that becomes attractive to meat reducers and not just vegans and vegetarians?

Creating moments and occasions for diners to make the switch to plant-based, for example hosting Meatless Monday, can be an effective strategy to drive footfall. Toft Bech argues that promoting health provides a ‘huge untapped potential’ for maximising sales as 42% of consumers say they would be likely to choose a healthy option whilst eating out.

He adds: "Our products are also extremely versatile, meaning chefs can have the freedom to create anything from innovative dishes to everyday family favourites. We deliberately don't have strong, overpowering flavours added to our products, as we want to give chefs the opportunity to really put their own stamp on their dishes."


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17172 | Plant-Based Burger

Skinny or with a bun, our 4oz patties stay succulent and go seriously well with a slice of fresh pickle, cheese and relish.



49638 | Plant-Based Sausage

Packed with taste and sizzle, just like meat sausages. These are a UK ”banger” style sausage, perfect in a sandwich, breakfast pot or as part of the full English breakfast.



29791 | Plant-Based Meatballs

Tasty, cooked, plant based meatballs, with subtle flavours of onion and garlic make these the perfect addition to any pasta, Asian style or tapas dish.



70770 | Plant-Based Mince

Plant based, free-flow mince is a great meat replacement in a variety of recipes such as chilli, Bolognese, lasagne and so much more.



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