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Spiced Orange Meringue Pie


Our twist on the classic lemon meringue pie. We have used ingredients from our SOSA gastronomy range such as albumina powder and dextrose which result in a fluffier and more stable meringue and gelcrem to get a perfectly smooth curd. Give them a try and change the way you bake forever!

You will need...

The number of servings this recipe will make depends on the size of tart cases used

Ask our team about our range of sweet tart cases.

Spiced Orange Curd

Code Product Pack Size 1 batch
8748 Orange juice 1 ltr 150ml
59553 Lemon juice 1ltr 50ml
12578 Medium eggs 5 dozen 7 eggs
52596 Caster sugar 2kg 300gm
70956 Gelcrem hot 500gm 22gm
78894 Ground mixed spice 370gm 1 tsp


Code Product Pack Size 1 batch
  Water   250ml
52596 Caster sugar 2kg 300gm
12446 Albumina powder 500gm 22gm
51996 Dextrose 750gm 100gm


Code Product Pack Size 1 batch
3691 Chocolate coated popping candy 1kg to garnish
  Candied orange peel   to garnish


To make...

  • With a stick blender, mix all the curd ingredients. Heat until boiling point, stirring constantly with a whisk. Once thickened remove from heat and then cool down quickly (immerse pan in cold water and stir until cooled). Fill a piping bag and then refrigerate until needed.
  • Mix the water and albumina powder with a whisk until dissolved. Place into a kitchen aid and whip, adding the sugar little by little. Then add the dextrose and continue to whip until you have a silky meringue texture. Put your meringue into a piping bag.
  • Fill a sweet pastry case with the spiced orange curd. Pipe your meringue on top and then finish with a blow torch.
  • Garnish with chocolate coated popping candy and candied orange peel.

This recipe is easily adaptable, experiment with different curds and flavoured meringues. We’d love to see your creations!

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