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Prawn Cocktail


Lots of people have a soft spot for this retro dish. We’ve seen prawn cocktail on our customer’s menus since the beginning of time! And it remains a festive favourite. Everyone loves to put their own stamp on this dish, here’s ours...

You will need...

Code Product Pack Size For 4 Servings
52755 Lemon infused olive oil 500ml 2 Tbsp
19055 Chopped frozen garlic 250gm 1 tsp
68502 Cayenne pepper 500gm To taste
89909 Shelless king prawns 1kg 8
From the fridge Iceburg Lettuce   Half
23434 Frozen avocado slices 500gm 16 slices
From the fridge Ripe Tomatoes   2
From the fridge Cucumber   Half
99401 Frozen coldwater prawns 2kg 200gm
3133 Frozen smoked salmon slices 200gm 200gm

Marie Rose Sauce

Code Product Pack Size For 4 Servings
99783 Mayonnaise 5ltr 3 Tbsp
72288 Natural yoghurt 4.5ltr 3 tbsp
2992 Tomato ketchup 2.55ltr 1 tbsp
From the pantry Brady or Vodka   Splash


Code Product Pack Size For 4 Servings
From the pantry Fresh mint   to garnish
From the pantry Cress   to garnish
From the pantry Lemon   to garnish


To make...

  • Sautee the shelless king prawns in a pan with olive oil, garlic and a good pinch of cayenne pepper until cooked through.
  • Mix up the Marie Rose sauce ingredients, add a pinch of the cayenne pepper for some added heat, a squeeze of lemon juice and season. Put your sauce into a drizzle bottle for easy service.
  • Place avocado into a bowl to defrost (this won’t take long).
  • Finely slice the lettuce, dice the tomatoes, cucumber and avocado slices then divde between 4 glasses or bowls.
  • Top with the defrosted smaller prawns and slices of smoked salmon. Drizzle over the Marie Sauce and sprinkle some more cayenne pepper over the top. Add 2 king prawns to the top of each cocktail and garnish with mint, cress and a lemon wedge.

Serve with your favourite wholemeal bread and butter. Our favourite is Sourdough Multigrain Boulot 86752 - 9x900gm

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