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Vegan Myths Debunked!


Catering for vegans can seem daunting but it is easy when you understand what can and cannot be included in vegan menus.

The first step to creating a vegan menu is to learn about veganism – here it is; debunking common myths around a vegan diet and some useful products for incorporating into vegan recipes.  



  • You can’t get enough protein on a Vegan diet

Yes, there is protein in meat. Vegans simply get it from the source like animals do, eating beans, legumes, green vegetables and nuts - all excellent sources of protein.

These foods are well worth including into your vegan options as they will leave the diner feeling much fuller and more satisfied. We have the Red Pepper, Bean & Aubergine ChiIli (75421) which is perfect for this.


  • Don’t tofu and soya contain oestrogen and lower testosterone?

There is actually no evidence to support this. So, go for the tofu!

Tofu is a great source of protein and can be marinated in so many different ways as a super tasty vegan meal – experiment with it. From breakfast tofu scramble to ginger soy and chilli tofu, there are so many ways to marinate and serve tofu that tantalise the taste buds.


  • Cow’s will explode if we don’t milk them

No, we actually force overproduction. A cow only creates milk if she has a calf – like women do. Cows are re-impregnated constantly to keep them producing milk. There are so many milk alternatives now from soya and almond to oat there is a dairy free milk out there to suit everyone.


  • Don’t plants feel pain too?

No… they’re plants


  • But bees make honey naturally

Similarly, to cows they make it for themselves and humans force overproduction to use it. A good alternative to honey is Maple Syrup 13622 as it offers the warm sweetness but is vegan. 



Here are some of the more obvious accidentally vegan products:

  • Pasta (dry): most dried pasta is made without egg and is therefore 100% vegan 17785
  • Baked Beans 2712
  • Spaghetti Hoops Tinned 26332
  • Marmite 4765
  • Most bread is vegan 89375
  • Peanut Butter 53093
  • Tomato Ketchup 2992
  • Brown sauce 2453
  • Gravy granules 87104
  • Mustard: whether it's Dijon, wholegrain, English or American 1202
  • Branston Pickle 8422
  • Hot sauces like Tabasco 34738
  • Rice 31047
  • Rice noodles 7236
  • Jam 1212
  • Houmous 13404
  • Chips 4530 (when cooked in a veggie oil)
  • Porridge 91385 (when made with water or plant milk)
  • Crumpets 14905
  • Bagels 95777

Some surprising accidentally vegan products:

  • Doritos: Chilli Heatwave 79077
  • Oreos: Original 20930
  • Bird's Custard (when made with plant milk) 50451
  • Walkers crisps 41440
  • Pringles: Original 8075
  • Kettle Chips: Sea Salt, Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar and Cracked Pepper 96317
  • Skittles 22357
  • Jus Rol 8714

For more info visit Veganuary.

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