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Catering Festive Parties


The festive season is one filled with cheer, but for the foodservice industry it does have its challenges. There is a massive influx in trade and we see a lot of faces old and new, it is a time when you need to impress to make sure you keep your regulars and have the best chance of transforming those one-time visitors into a part of your regular customer base and getting them to think of you when it comes to their next occasion. Getting the customers you already have, to increase their spending and frequency is the easiest way of increasing your takings.

With the festive season comes more parties and generally overall increase in custom. People want to have a good time, come in and warm up and treat themselves while they’ve been planning ways to treat others. This large influx of parties and events can become a huge drain on resources – particularly labour hours. This is where Total Foodservice can really help reduce the strain when catering events. 

Our ranges make catering for events so much easier and ease the burden of having to constantly recreate the same party menus. These items can be incorporated into a fuller menu or be served as stand-alone products for guests who don’t want a full sit-down menu.



These are a great party option for buffets or to add as a welcome bite when guests arrive for a sit-down menu. Giving guests the best impression of you from the outset.



Our buffet selection offers a whole range to cater for many dietary requirements. They are all easy to serve and create a very impressive menu when served together Items such as the Crispy Crumb Brie Wedges (67230) would be perfect as a vegetarian starter for your Christmas menus.

Festive Deserts    

It is not a Christmas party without mince pies! We have different options including Mini Mince Pies (95609) and Gluten Free (28805) ones too! We also have the Mini Iced Fruit Bites (30305) which are perfect for events as they are bite sized and super easy for guests to help themselves.  

Sweet Canape           


For those wanting a less traditional desert we have some great options. The Salted Caramel Profiteroles (80811) and Chocolate Praline Profiteroles (42583) are perfect for creating a simple but very visually impressive croquembouche. Or we have the Mini Cheesecake Selection (86233) and the Mini Tart Selection (92439) which both have fruity and chocolate offerings to suit every taste. We also have some lovely Chocolate Petit Fours (61065) and Chocolate Truffles (1765) perfect for the end of the event.

Cheese Board     

We can help you create a perfectly balanced cheeseboard, with a selection of traditional, regional & continental cheese available. As well as the huge range of cheeses, we also have a varied range of accompaniments which will give your diners festive meal a perfect finish.

With options such as these your festive service can be made much easier and help keep your customers consistently happy and wanting to return again and again.

We supply a whole host of chef ingredients and larder staples – if you are wanting to create your own items, we can help you with those too! Check out all of the items in Christmas Offers our full range of products on our Online Ordering or contact your Total Foodservice representative who will be happy to help with any queries.  


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