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Handy Downloads from The FSA


The Food Standards Agency have produced a handy allergen information leaflet that explains what the new legislation could mean for you and an overview of the 14 allergens which need to be declared when used as ingredients. Take a look at the downloadable resources below or visit the Food Standards Agency website for further advice and resources to help you comply with the regulations.


Packaging and Labelling

Legal requirements that you have to follow as a food business.



The 14 Allergens - A Handy Guide

Need a handy guide to the 14 allergens? Print out and pin up our infographic for reference. We've also given you examples of where you can find some of the ingredients, to get you started. Who would have thought there was sesame paste in hummus!



Chefs Recipe Card

Thinking of doing a special for the day, or taking advantage of seasonal produce from your wholesaler? Use our one off recipe sheets to note down the allergens, make sure you communicate the changes and additions to all the members of your staff, and add the filled in sheet to your allergen folder, if you have one!



Allergen Chart

Looking for a handy way to list down the allergens in your food? Our menu matrix can help. You can download these and fill them in on your computer, or print them out if you prefer hard copies. Pin them in the kitchen area so staff can use them as a handy reference too, but don't forget to keep the information updated and accurate, the minute you change anything!



Online Ordering with Total Foodservice

Download a single spreadsheet with Allergen & Nutrition Information for every product you buy from Total Foodservice.



Allergens - Are You Compliant?

On the 13th of December 2014 a new legislation came into force. Caterers must now be able to answer any consumer queries regarding allergens for the food that is served. Find out how Total Foodservice can help.



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