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Shredded Katsu Curry


Shredded Katsu Curry


Katsu curry is quickly becoming the nation’s favourite curry.

Simply cover the shredded chicken with the katsu curry and serve on a bed of rice with broccoli, charred spring onions and pak choi.

You will need...

Code Product Pack Size For 1 Serving
53587 Salt & Chilli Crispy Shredded Chicken 1kg 75gm
30861 Basmati Rice 5kg 70gm
89146 Katsu Curry Sauce 2.2ltr 100ml 
   Broccoli Florets   20gm
7236 Rice Noodles (cooked crispy) 375gm 10gm
  Charred Spring Onions   10gm
  Pak Choi   20gm

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