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Our own brand range of products has been developed to offer our customers exceptional quality products and ingredients of uncompromised quality without the price premium of a well-known brand therefore allowing or customers to make better margins.

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Totally Delicious

Confectionery and cakes: Made exclusively for Total Foodservice at a local bakery, this is a range of wrapped and unwrapped confectionery products designed to give our customers a real point of difference. The brand allows customers to compete effectively with the big chains whilst still making good margins on exceptional quality and decadently tasty products.

Ice Cream: A range of ice creams and sorbets made exclusively for Total Foodservice by an artisan company in the North East. New flavours are regularly introduced to complement the changing seasons.

Fairway Foodservice


Frozen: The Fairway label is primarily used on high volume commodity products and covers a large number of product groups such as chips, vegetables, burgers, pies & pasties and bread products. The quality of Fairway label aims to be as good as the market leader in any product sector. Read more about Fairway Frozen Brands here.

Grocery: Featuring high volume commodities that covers a large number of groups such as Canned Goods, Gravies & Bouillons, Cooking & Table Sauces, Pie Fillings and Hot Beverages. The quality of Fairway Label products aims to be as good as the market leader in any product sector.

Fairway Classics

Fairway Classics

The 'Classics' label consists of products that can be classed as ‘old school favourites’ unique to Fairway which have been carefully developed with leading manufacturers to guarantee high levels of consistent quality to rival market leaders in that specific product sector. Products that qualify to be under the 'Classics' label are the old school favourites that appear on any caterers menu board such as Yorkshire Puddings, Burgers, Quiche, Battered & Breaded Fish and Classic desserts such as Bramley Apple Pie, Chocolate Fudge Cake and Individual Sponge Puddings. The brand is exclusive to Fairway members and their customers

Vive le Pain

Vive Le Pain

This is a very successful and growing brand, initially introduced on a small range of French Part Baked bread, Demi Baguettes, Petit Pain, Mini French, Large Baguette etc. Over the years we have introduced other successful bread products such as Ciabatta, Bakers Collection and Panini. We are always searching to develop the range further with other innovative bread products. The brand is exclusive to Fairway members and their customers.

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