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Traditional Butchery

From the 5th October we are proud to announce we can deliver a range of 10 Fresh Meat products. 

Developed with the Care & Education Sectors in mind, the high quality of these meats, produced by a traditional butcher, are suitable across all market sectors. A cost effective solution to sourcing Fresh Meats for your kitchen.

Together For Success

"At Total Foodservice we are a family owned business with five generations of foodservice experience. We have always had a passion for meeting our customers needs and finding new products.

"As a local company with strong family values we don’t want to compete with the butcher down the road, but at the same time we want to grow and strive to become a truly “One Stop Shop” able to deliver everything a caterer will need.

"In Grassroots we have found a local business with values similar to ours. It’s all about exceptional product from a specialist in traditional, fine art butchery combined with the capability and technology to produce the volumes required by our customers. By partnering with Grassroots I am positive we can offer a quality fresh meat which is consistent in size and packaged well.

"We are impressed by the accreditations held by Grassroots, mirroring our own Quality Policy and Sustainable ethos." Simon Howarth, managing director.

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The Products

Sirloin Joint

90287  Sirloin Joint

Per Kg - Approximately 5-7kg per joint
Cut from the loin, this striploin is perfect for cutting into sirloin steaks. This cut contains a small amount of fat marbling which adds to the flavour.


Topside Roast

84151  Striploin Roasting Joint

Per Kg - Approximately 7kg+ per joint
Cut from the loin, this striploin is a perfect roasting joint. This cut contains a small amount of fat marbling which adds to the flavour.


Topside Roast

64983  Topside Roast

1x Joint  2.70kg-3.00kg
A truly superior fresh, roasting joint cut from grassfed, red tractor beef. Best served pink. 


Diced Beef Steak

82893  Diced Beef Steak

1x 2.50kg
This juicy handcut diced beef steak is produced from 28 day aged UK Red Tractor cattle. Using only the best forquarter cuts.


Minced Beef

12030  Minced Beef, 85% Lean Meat

1x 2.50kg
This minced beef is versatile and can effortlessly create many delicious dishes. From grassfed, Red Tractor cattle.


Lamb Leg

43120  Lamb Leg, Boned & Rolled

1x Joint  2.20kg-2.50kg
Sweet tasting, Red Tractor lamb leg. Boned and rolled to make carving effortless. A great choice for your Sunday roast!


Diced Lamb

38983  Diced Lamb

1x 2.50kg 
Red Tractor diced lamb, boasting deep flavour and meltingly tender texture, this diced lamb is perfect for stews and curries.


Minced Lamb

55672  Minced Lamb

1x 2.50kg 
Meticulously trimmed of fat, this Red Tractor minced lamb is ideal for a variety of dishes including, mousakka, curries, shepherds pie etc.


Topside Roast

29684  Cured Gammon Joint

Per Kg - Approximately 5-6kg per joint
This gammon joint has no colourings or flavour enhancers and the only preservative is natural salt. This gives the gammon natural colour and flavour and most importantly natural taste. 


Gammon Steaks

35813  Gammon Steaks

1x10  6oz/170gm
Gammon is cut from the hind leg of pork. The only preservative used in these steaks in natural salt. This gives a natural colour, flavour and taste.


Pork Loin Joint

65722  Pork Loin, Boned, Rolled & Scored

1x Joint  3.20kg-3.50kg 
A real pork lovers roast. This Red Tractor pork loin is boned, rolled and scored, making the joint tasty and tender.


Pork Shoulder

74400  Pork Shoulder

Per Kg - Approximately 3-4.50kg per joint
This joint is taken from the shoulder of the pig, it is an extremely versatile joint. A fatty cut that lends itself to many different recipes. 


Pork Loin Steaks

14773  Pork Loin Steaks

1x10  6-7oz/170-199gm
These pork loin steaks are ideal for grilling, pan frying or oven cooking and are easy to prepare and cook.


Thick Pork Sausages

82453  Thick Pork Sausages, Gluten Free

1x 2.50kg (6's)
These gluten free bangers are made from our own traditional recipe and blended with perfectly pastured pork. Approximately 30-35 per pack. 74% meat content.


Turkey Crown

43183  Boneless Turkey Crown

Per Kg - Approximately 4-5.50kg per joint
Turkey breast joint is ideal as an alternative roasting joint, especially when you don;t need a full bird. These joints are easy to carve and give very little wasteage.


Chicken Fillets

64201  Chicken Fillets

1x 5kg
These chicken fillets are incredibly succulent and full of flavour. They can be used in many dishes. Average 20 fillets per pack.





Grassroots is the product of our family’s passion for traditional farming and butchery mixed with an innovative and forward-thinking approach to the industry.

Using strong business acumen and applying technological advances in the market, Grassroots brings quality meat products to Total Foodservice.

Employing skilled butchers and a proficient production team, they have the capability to offer hand trimmed artisan products through to machine cut mass orders.

Operating from 58k sq ft purpose-built premises in the heart of rural Lancashire, they have invested heavily in state-of-the-art machinery that enables speedy and efficient throughput.

Grassroots pride themselves on their farming partnerships spanning the decades, which gives them the quality products they offer today. 

The Grassroots sourcing team engages regularly with the trusted supply chain of farmers which their family has built up over many years. Going direct to source enables Grassroots to offer a fairer price for the farmers and, in turn, a fairer price for Total Foodservice customers.

  • Strong retail back-ground, putting quality and consistency at the forefront of the business
  • We’ve merged traditional meat preparation with modern machinery. This allows us to give quality at competitive prices
  • State of the art machinery in a new 58,000 sq. ft warehouse facility

Grassroots is born from a long lineage of farming and butchery talent in the heart of Lancashire. This knowledge and experience, built up over three generations, comes together today to offer customers a butchery service steeped in tradition, yet meeting the demands of our fast-paced, modern age.

Hailing from a passionate farming family, with a strong commitment to rearing British breeds using traditional pasture-fed methods, Grassroots understand the true value of the journey from farm to fork.

Their family started out farming in the 1970s in the picturesque Ribble Valley before traversing over the hill into the equally stunning rural setting of Pendle.

Leaning on their working knowledge of the farming industry, their grandad and dad opened up a butcher’s shop in the 80s and soon three generations were cutting, dicing and slicing behind the butcher’s block.

Decades of experience within a family-run business taught they everything they know and gave them a good understanding of the industry ‘do and don’ts’; demonstrated to them in a blunt Lancashire manner,
of course.

Grassroots learned to respect the traditional working techniques and standards employed by their elders; and they maintain true to these standards to this
very day.

Over the past years, they have developed their skills and knowledge to build and grow Grassroots.

Grassroots is committed to the welfare of all animals used in the production of its foods and adheres to stringent sourcing policies.

It is vital that we provide our customers with the most natural and flavoursome products possible, using the purest farming methods and remaining true to the traditional farming and butchery patterns of our past.

We hand pick our select group of farming partners and go to great lengths to ensure that the farm to fork journey of our products is traceable throughout. Our sourcing team insists that high standards of animal welfare are met and maintained at all stages of the animal’s life – on the farm, during transportation and at the place of slaughter. How our farming partners look after our animals is important to us, which is why we only work with producers and suppliers that adhere to, and share our commitment to animal welfare.

We predominantly partner with farmers in the Lancashire and Yorkshire areas and we are proud to say that we have working relationships spanning decades. In this way, we can confidently confirm that the quality of our products are maintained and best practice is carried out at all times; meeting our own exacting standards as well as those of industry regulatory bodies. Regular site visits and farm audits are carried to support continuous improvement in animal health and welfare standards throughout our whole supply chain. And we look ourselves to farming regulatory bodies for guidance and advice in order that we maintain a clear, long term strategy for continual improvement. We hold FSA, Red Tractor and RSPCA Assured (formerly Freedom Foods) accreditations and work hard to maintain the standards laid out, including traceability, food safety and hygiene, animal welfare and environmental protection.

  • By cutting our produce fresh to order, we can ensure that the products our customers receive have the maximum shelf life possible
  • We source all of our Beef, Pork and Lamb from local producers, farmers and auctions within the UK
  • Animal welfare and sustainable farming is at the heart of our business
  • Sourcing from trusted suppliers allows us to offer complete traceability and ensure 100% consistency in our lines

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