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7 New Meatless Farm Products


Even more Plant-Based Options!


Last year we launched a core range of plant-based, vegan meat alternatives.

The core range of; Burgers, Sausages, Meatballs and Mince has been so popular that we are pleased to announce we have expanded the range!

This new range allows chefs to offer excellent quality vegan alternatives for a huge range of dishes; Tacos, Carbonara, B.L.T's, Pizza, Sticky 'Chicken' Pieces, 'Duck' Pancakes...

We've also launched two VERY delicious snack/starter/buffet items; Duckless Spring Rolls and Thai Porkless Wontons. Both are ready to serve in just 5 minutes - everyone will love them.

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19802 | Duckless Spring Rolls

Plant based duck and crunchy Asian vegetables wrapped in a crispy filo pastry. Perfect for starters, side dish or as part of a vegan platter.



63705 | Thai Porkless Wontons

One taste and your customers willl be wonton more. Mouth-watering Thai porkless fried wontons are perfect for any vegan or vegetarian menu, and ready to serve in just 5 minutes.



74641 | Plant Based Pulled Meat

A brilliant addition to your vegan or vegetarian menu, made with pea protein. Simply oven cook/fry until crispy, then pull and add whatever sauce you fancy. Alternative to duck, pork, beef...



21363 | Plant Based Panko Breaded Chicken

Extra crispy, crunchy and chickeny plant based pieces covered in panko crumb. Serve with a dip or coat them in a sticky sauce for a very special vegan dish.



97634 | Plant Based Chicken Breast

Plant based fillets made from pea protein. Source of protein with easy portion control. Really clucking tasty, customers will love them.



14209 | Plant Based Chicken Pieces

Plant based chicken pieces made from pea protein for an irresistibly meaty taste and texture. A great addition to your vegan or vegetarian menu.



48093 | Plant Based Bacon Lardons

Plant based bacon lardons made with pea protein, tastes just like the real thing. Perfect for any customers who want to 'pig out' without comprimising on taste. Packed in a free flow bag.



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