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Article sponsored by Kara Foodservice Bakers

With a record number of people signing up to Veganuary in 2021, this year is set to be even more of a success. It is forecast that by 2030, generation Z will become the largest consumer base for vegan food,* so what does the future hold for meat-free dining options?

Extended plant-based menus have become a must for the hospitality sector and there has been a movement away from the once popular supersized offerings to now more personalised adaptable options. In fact, customisation has increased by 38% year-on-year, with operators leveraging burgers and pizza to appeal to wider audiences. **

Kara offers a wide range of burger buns and pizza doughballs to cater to all dietary requirements, with products produced at their Manchester site now being accredited by The Vegan Society; vendors can now cater to all dietary requirements with Kara.

Vegan Pizza Dough Balls

Perfect Pizza

With 41% of main dishes being customisable, Pizza is the perfect way to appeal to a variety of customers. ** Vendors should choose a base that is adaptable for all menus. Kara’s doughballs can be used for both meat and vegan options, due to its dairy free ingredients. For Veganuary, we recommend allowing customers to customise their pizza by choosing different sauces, cheeses, and toppings, allowing for both meat or meat free toppings.

Due to the growing uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, Pizza is also a great option for outdoor menus. The weather might not be as warm as consumers would hope for in January, but the lasting impact of the pandemic was the investment in enhancing outdoor space, in order to appeal to social distancing conscious consumers. This led to many vendors improving their outdoor space by installing outdoor kitchens, canopies, and heaters. With 16% of consumers stating that they would be more likely to eat a meal outside in a public place after the pandemic, more outdoor space will see the rise in the use of pizza ovens and BBQ cooking techniques. ***

Vegan Floured Baps

Plant Based Burgers

Vegan food is here to stay! 6% of all out of home occasions involve vegan food, as a result, Kara are seeing plant-based eating move into the mainstream with consumers’ attitudes towards vegan products evolving. There is still a demand for plant-based alternatives that ‘taste just like meat’ but there is now a stronger demand for consumers opting for dishes that are created out of all veg rather than mimics of meat. These dishes are seen to be more ‘natural’ and have a smaller ingredient deck. ***

There is also an opportunity for operators to drive spend through the vegan consumer, with it being highlighted that vegan consumers are willing to pay up to a 14% premium for plant-based alternatives. If you are offering vegan burgers, Kara’s Floured Baps are the ideal burger carrier, not only are they suitable for vegans and are produced at a factory that doesn’t handle palm and they are baked using sponge technology, which means they hold up in transit, making them deliveries perfect partner.

For added convenience in busy kitchens, Floured Baps are supplied pre-sliced and are also freshly frozen which enables caterers to have precise stock-control and prevent unnecessary food waste.


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About Kara

Kara provides fresh, frozen baked goods to the foodservice sector. Being famous for floured baps since 1985, Kara produces a range of mouth-watering sweet and savoury baked products and focuses on the latest consumer trends to enable its foodservice customers to stay ahead of the game.

Kara’s Manchester site is proudly palm oil free and all products made at this factory are accredited by both The Vegetarian Society and The Vegan Society.


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