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Romana Flatbread



The new feel good means: travel with your taste buds to Italy, while enjoying the comfort of home. The Schiacciata Romana does it all. This authentic flat bread is made and baked in Italy. And it stands out with taste, lightness and true Mediterranean flair.

Schiacciata is named after the Italian verb 'schiacciare' which means ‘press with the fingers’ and refers to how the dough is made. Romana is a typical Italian way of baking: short at high temperature on stone.

The dough is flavoured with a splash of extra virgin olive oil and a bit of sea salt. As the Schiacciata Romana comes fully baked and pre-sliced, a perfect serving is ALWAYS guaranteed!

Find more serving tips & recipes (hot as well as cold) in the brochure!

Romana Flatbread


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Parma Inferno

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Mortadella e Carciofo

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Parma e Scarmorza

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