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Fire Cracker Salad


Loaded Fries


This salad dish hits you with that health and spice kick.

Build up the salad in a serving bowl topped with the Shredded Chicken and a good drizzle of Very Hot Chilli Sauce.

You will need...

Code Product Pack Size For 1 Serving
53587 Salt & Chilli Crisoy Shredded Chicken 1kg 50gm
  Chicory   1 head
  Radish   2
80434 Pickled Red Cabbage 2.25kg 30gm
  Fresh Spring Onion   1
21009 Edamame Beans 1kg 10gm
  Fresh Avocado   Half
56079 Very Hot Chilli Sauce 2.27ltr 15ml
  Mixed Salad Leaves   20gm

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