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Choosing the right stock for your working kitchen


We truly believe a stock is the cornerstone of a good kitchen, they are a key ingredient in a recipe, the heart, and soul, delivering depth and balance of flavour in a final dish. So, make sure your stock delivers on taste!

With so much to think about in a busy kitchen, chefs can often find themselves crying out for some basic essentials to ease the pressure, without compromising on quality. MCA recently published that between 15-20% of the hospitality workforce has either declined, or staff are currently unable to return to their existing roles as restrictions are lifted, according to a UKHospitality survey of its members.

UKH chief executive, Kate Nicholls said the staff were not returning for a variety of reasons: some EU staff had returned home over Christmas and were now staying put due to travel restrictions, other EU workers have made the decision to return home on a permanent basis, while others have found alternative jobs during the periods of lockdown and either aren’t available currently or don’t want to return to the industry at all.

With this in mind, we are here to support your working kitchen in many ways. With reduced brigades and limited time, our gluten free stock range is here to provide a helping hand in delivering great tasting dishes.

We guarantee a superior taste, just like traditionally made stocks but without the time-consuming makeup. With a clear appearance, they have an appropriate level of seasoning, typically 0.56g of salt per 100ml of stock. We proudly do not use any GM ingredients, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, or MSG.

Most importantly, they are simple and easy to use. The powdered stock mix instantly dissolves to make a stock; or add them directly to your recipe at any stage of the cooking process. With endless possibilities, our stock range is extremely versatile, lending themselves to a variety of applications.


You can also request free samples of the entire range here

Article supplied by Essential Cuisine (See original post)


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