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With yesterdays announcement from our Prime Minister instructing the catering industry that pubs and restaurants (in fact any catering or social outlet) must close their doors by 10pm many chef's, business owners and caterers are looking to bring their service hours forward.

A change in service times will almost always mean a change in menu. We don't imagine many consumers will be choosing a steak pie followed by sticky toffee pudding at 11am! So we've put together some ideas for offering an exciting breakfast/brunch menu with both sweet and savoury options to entice the 'breakfastarians' through your doors.


Croissants, Pain au Chocolate, Cinnamon Swirls. Filled, Ready to Bake, Thaw and Serve. Whether your offering them to take away or enjoy at a seated table we have the perfect pastry offering for you.


There's no denying that sourdough bread has risen in popularity massively over the last few years. Having the time, skill and resource needed to bake the perfect loaf however is sparce. At Total Foodservice we have several sourdough breads, baked by passionate bakers to traditional sourdough recipes and methods ready for you to create your favourite brunch recipes with.


A real French specialty made with butter, sugar and creme fraiche. Our 400gm, unsliced brioche loaves come in a case of 6 loaves. Part baked meaning you can finish them off in your own oven creating an enticing aroma. This brioche makes the perfect sweet and fruity french toast.


Our frozen, D-shaped, finely carved slices of succulent Scotch smoked salmon tastes just as delicious as the day it came out of the smoker. Vac packed for freshness, defrost overnight and it's ready for a busy service.


Catering size boxes of fresh free range eggs. Boxed in 5 Dozen or 15 Dozen these eggs come from a British Egg Industry Council registered farm which ensures these eggs are produced within the best standards of welfare and packed to the highest standards of cleanliness.


A trend from the US but now a favourite for breakfast and brunch time diners here in the UK. Both of these staples can create a whole menu section on their own! Offer both savoury and sweet toppings and get creative with your flavours. Take a look some of our favourite pancake topping ideas.

Light, fluffy and extremely tasty, American pancakes create both impressive desserts or authentic US style breakfasts. Our 4.5" frozen pancakes are in boxes of 120 and come in both vegan and regular recipes, both are simply divine.

Not everyone has the space in their kitchens for a huge waffle iron, but you can still offer authentic sweet Belgian waffles. Our frozen waffles, packed in a managable box of 20 are ready to heat, top and serve.

Cooking your pancakes or waffles onsite either using your own recipes or a ready made bakery mix can be a big USP against your competitors. If you have the time we have all the ingredients you will need from premium flour to fresh free range eggs!


Smoothies have been a popular brunch item here in the UK for quite sometime now but sourcing fresh ingredients and getting the mixes just right each everytime can be difficult! These individual pouches of frozen fruits and vegetables are the perfect solution to healthy, tasty and profit boosting smoothies. Simply blend one sachet with 200ml of apple (or any fruit juice) and you're done! Available in mixed or individual flavour boxes.

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