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Nutrition & Hydration Week


Nutrition and hydration week is an annual event with a shared objective to highlight, promote and celebrate improvements in the provision of nutrition and hydration locally, nationally and globally.

The mission of Nutrition and Hydration week is to create a global movement that will focus energy, activity, and engagement on nutrition and hydration as a fundamental element of maintaining the health and well-being for their global community.

Its purpose is to bring people together to create energy, focus, and fun to highlight and educate people on the value of food and drink in maintaining health and well-being in health and social care.

There are around 3 million people at risk of malnutrition in the UK, engaging with the issue to raise awareness of the risks and the opportunities to promote good practice to help more people prevent malnutrition and dehydration. Prevention is better than the cure in these instances, it improves overall wellbeing helps reduce the burden on the health and social care services in treating and supporting those suffering from undernutrition and dehydration.

We know it can be hard, with huger loss, inability to eat, or behavioural tendencies that reduce eating opportunities. But some things can be done to make sure people in your care are fully nourished.

Ensuring people are properly hydrated reduces the risk of urinary tract infections, reducing the possibility of discomfort for service users.

There can be difficulties in consumption with some people in care, read our article on Dysphagia to understand it more and look at ways of working around the condition to provide sufficient nutrition and hydration for those affected.

Getting Involved:

Nutrition & Hydration Week keenly promotes the following:

  • The 10 Key Characteristics for Good Nutritional Care
  • Protected Mealtimes
  • Nutrition Advocates for each health or social care setting
  • The minimum standards for good nutrition in the respective settings
  • Highlighting Good Nutrition and Hydration Practices
  • Continued Education for professionals on good nutrition and hydration
  • Plus, we would like everyone to hold a Global Tea Party event on the Wednesday of Nutrition and Hydration Week

The highlight of the week  

The Global Tea Party which takes place on Wednesday 18th March and where they and we are inviting our communities to hold a tea party wherever they are and share the fun on social media.

While we all like to eat nice food, the purpose of food is for nutrition first and foremost so we must make sure it is and it provides everything someone needs in a meal.

For more information on how to get involved and benefit most from the week visit N&H Week.

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