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Veganuary may have finished but that doesn’t mean people have stopped eating vegan foods, be that all the time or intermittently.

Building a habit can take as little as 18 days so after 4 weeks of completing Veganuary, people have or are very close to forming those eating patterns as a habit. There are many reasons people continue eating vegan foods. Many state the health benefits and do not want to go back to their old diets as they felt worse when eating animal products – or some just like the variety of eating vegan. So, just because Veganuary is over, it doesn’t mean people are going to stop wanting vegan food in your establishment.

A record 400,000 people worldwide signed up to the Veganuary movement this year, the campaign has revealed.

We predict that the uptake of vegan meals is going to increase. There are many reasons for this, people say they feel healthier eating vegan foods. There are many potential environmental benefits of eating a vegan diet, the UN says meat and dairy (farmed livestock) accounts for 14.5% of all manmade greenhouse gas emissions. That’s roughly equivalent to the exhaust emissions of every car, train, ship, and aircraft on the planet!

If we all went vegan, the world’s food-related emissions would drop 70% by 2050, according to a 2016 report on food and climate in the academic journal. Now we understand not everyone is going to go vegan but giving people have amazing vegan options when eating out can help introduce people to the amazing and flavourful options for vegan diners.

The UK plant-based market was worth 443 million pounds in 2018 in business/food sales. This number continues to grow and not creating vegan menu options means you are blocking yourself from having a piece of this vegan pie.

That being said, creating vegan alternatives does not mean that you have to rewrite the cookbook – we have some great new products that make creating vegan options even easier. We have the new Flora Professional Plant Double (26324), an allergen-free, heat, alcohol, and acid-stable double dairy cream substitute. And the two Macphie plant-based white (73334) and cheese sauces (44436). Creating vegan items can be amazing and easy, especially with these products and you can create food similar to their dairy full counterparts.

A really good way to understand vegan dishes is to incorporate them into your lifestyle. We know as chefs you have all the products to create the most amazing dishes at your disposal, but it is so worthwhile taking some time to use all your cooking knowledge and apply it to vegan foods, and fully understanding the concepts allows you to come up with more and more impressive recipes off the cuff.

There’s no arguing with the statistics, the vegan diet continues to grow in popularity, whether that be full-time vegans or people just dabbling in it – the number of vegan consumptions is continually growing. So, let’s keep reinventing dishes and offer the best experience for all your diners!

Leading a vegan or plant-based diet is not a fix-all, but it does have benefits, and whether you’re doing it for environmental, health reasons, or even just because you want to challenge yourself; there is no doubt that it has benefits and even introducing it partially into your diet can positively impact the world dramatically, which we need to do as the human impact post industrial revolution has caused dramatic negative impacts – something we have seen recently with the dramatic wildfires in Australia. So, every little thing we do to help reduce our impact on the planet is greatly beneficial. For more tips on catering for vegans check out our guide.

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