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Nutella Filled Pancakes


Nutella Filled Pancakes

Here to combine the two best days in February this year. Pancake day (Tuesday 25th February) and World Nutella Day! (Wednesday 5th February) What more could anyone want?! These are perfect to add to a specials menu for the whole month of February. 

You will need...

Code Product Pack Size For 4-6 Portions
91765 Self Raising Flour 1.5kg 500g
7674 Caster Sugar 2kg 2 tbsp
40575 Baking Powder 1.5kg 3.5 tsp
80834 Eggs 15 Dozen 6
9971 Butter, melted 250gm 50g 
31033 Milk 1ltr 400ml
95135 Nutella 3kg 200g 
Plus...  Oil for cooking, walnuts and maple syrup for serving. 


To make...

  1. Using a tablespoon measure, create flattened disks of Nutella on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Place in the freezer to chill. 
  2. Combine all the dry ingredients, including caster sugar, and create a well in the centre once combined. 
  3. Add all the wet ingredients to the well you've created and combine with a whisk. Do not overmix as it will make the pancakes chewy - some lumps are okay. 
  4. Heat a heavy bottomed pan to medium-low heat. Add a small amount of oil to the pan, just to coat.
  5. Place 2 tbsp of mixture into the pan for each pancake, once it has started setting up, add a Nutella disk to the centre of each pancake.
  6. Cover the Nutella with 1-2 tbsp of pancake batter. Once the first side has fully cooked, when you can see bubbles forming at the top, flip over and cook on the other side until golden.
  7. Serve while warm so the Nutella is still gooey and performs as a self-saucing product. Serve with walnuts and maple syrup for the perfect fluffy and crunchy combination.  

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