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Fatberg: Waste Oil's Impact


Fatbergs are waste that has clumped together creating large masses of solid waste materials that clog up sewer systems.

To be quite honest they’re disgusting. But we are causing them, and we need to do as much as we can so reduce this and not add to the already terrible situation. They’re made up of congealed fat, grease, and oil as well as wet wipes and other items that have incorrectly been flushed.

Yes, oil is liquid, and people question how that causes these big blobs of hard fat blockages. As the oil travels along the sewer system, it cools and hardens creating these large masses of hardened fat.

In 2017, Thames water reported a fatberg weighing 130 tonnes, clogging pipes in Whitechapel – It was the length of two football pitches. Ew.


 <- That is just a small section of the fatberg. Imagine that, but the length of two football pitches. 

The main take away is that used oil and fat cannot be put down the drains. And it’s not even hard to avoid; all you need to do your part, is to stop adding oil and fat to drains and use Arrow oil collection. We will set up your account for you (just ring the sales office) – it’s that easy!

It is a legal requirement for business to dispose of their waste correctly. Including waste oil. Arrow is a licenced waste collector and provides you with waste transfer documents when they remove the oil for you. The oil is recycled so is going to a good use and helps you comply with the law and avoid penalty costs.                                                                   



Arrow Oil – To dispose of your cooking waste responsibly.

  • A free of charge service
  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly collections subject to volume.
  • Waste transfer notes after each collection
  • Collection of waste cooking oil in original cans, buckets, bottles or boxes and provide free blue barrels
  • Free rental on Fatboxx specialised wheelie bin (larger volumes of oil)
  • Helping you protect the environment by storing your waste oil responsibly
  • Recycling your used cooking oil into biofuels and keeping your drains blockage-free
  • In addition – your account will be credited with A REWARD for every litre of used cooking oil collected from your site!
  • Collections direct from premises – min. 60 litres

Impact of fatbergs:

Luckily for you and with our help, Arrow oil collections are easy. But if you are still wondering why to do it other than the ease of service and the credit rewards on your account, there are major environmental and financial benefits for the community. The cost of attempting to clear the blockages and repairing any damage they cause is staggering. £15,400,000 is spent each year on repairs to sewers from fats, oils, and greases. The cost of clearing these blockages always comes back to us, being factored into the rates of water. 

To set up your account for oil collection Contact Us today. 




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