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Coping with Christmas queries & managing the festive demand


What should you eat one of, for each of the 12 days of Christmas for good luck?

A mince pie of course! Our Mini Mince Pies (95609) make this super easy and we would say you’re in luck if you get to eat all those mince pies – Now that is a question where you can enjoy working out the answer.

We know the questions don’t stop coming, especially during the busier festive period. Are you sure you can’t fit us in? Do you cater for vegans? Do you have a gluten-free menu? These are just a few of the questions that you will be bombarded by in the coming weeks.

We can help you find solutions to these queries; so you do find yourself fully booked. Here at Total Foodservice we have a whole host of Vegan options to create festive menus, with great alternatives that aren’t an afterthought, they are the main event. Such as our Cajun Spice Sweet Potato Roulade (15281) amongst other items, which means you can offer a choice of mains and give your vegan diner, as good an experience as anyone else.

Another dietary requirement we are seeing a growing demand for is gluten-free. With increased awareness of coeliac disease, gluten intolerance and changes in dietary decisions, our range of Made Without Gluten lines is always growing. These directories make creating a consistent and varied menu much easier for yourself. Order online or contact your Total Foodservice Representative to find out more.

The biggest way to ease the pressure of Christmas in foodservice is to be prepared. Knowing what you’re creating for your customers. The easiest way for us to help you do that, is to pre-order to guarantee Christmas items; as they do sell out. Your Total Foodservice Representative will be in contact with you about this, but you can also ring through to the sales office who are always here to help you place your orders and help with any queries.

Another aspect to consider when creating your Christmas menu is that, when it comes to the festive period people loosen their belts, quite literally, when it comes to being strict with their diets - they are more willing to indulge. Adding ‘treats’ to your menu is more likely to have more success at this time of year. From indulgent desserts such as the Chocolate Orange Cheesecake (27103) to smaller treats like the Mini Stollen Bites (60796) most people are more likely to pick up something sweet to finish their meal at this time of year.

There is always the last-minute question of can you work? – Sometimes it cannot be avoided, however, one of the best ways to provide the best service is to be prepared to have plenty of staff on. Get their rota out as far in advance as possible, if they know when they are working, they can plan their out of work festivities around their shifts, reducing the potential for clashes. They will also be prepared when they are at work resulting in a much smoother service. Which is ultimately going to improve the customer experience and increase the likelihood of them returning and continuing to spend in your establishment.  

Following all these tips and tricks will help make your service easier to reduce the stress on you and your team. Ensuring your customers leave satisfied, which is the ultimate goal! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn for more tips, news on special offers and more! 

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