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Plant Based Diets – How they impact on the environment in a positive way and why caterers should be accommodating change.


Plant Based Diets – How they impact on the environment in a positive way and why caterers should be accommodating change.


According to the United Nations, we need to make a large-scale shift towards plant-based diets in order to protect the environment. This recommendation comes as a result of the latest Global Environment Outlook (GEO) report (published every 5-7 years) in which 250 scientists and experts in over 70 countries, who have considered environmental issues such as climate change, wildlife loss, and plastic pollution, put forward their findings.


Livestock farming uses 77 per cent of agricultural land worldwide and it is believed that this land could better provide for the world’s ever-increasing food needs if we used it & the land currently utilised for animal feed production to produce food for humans instead.


That’s might be a little simplistic, but there are other environmental benefits from switching more land to arable farming. These include lowering greenhouse gases from animal ‘gas emissions’, reducing water use, protecting wildlife habitats and slowing deforestation.



This is a global environmental issue is one that we can all easily do something about by replacing some or all of the meat we consume by replacing it with meals based on whole grains, fruits and vegetables.


Since more & more of us are trying out meat-free Mondays, or switching to Challenge 22 (following a meat free diet for 22 days a month) or completely embracing plant-based diets, caterers need to accommodate this change, by offering more plant-based dishes on their menus, whether your establishment is a restaurant, pub, café, school, care home or hospital (or anything in between).


Of course, tempting vegans and vegetarians with plant-based dishes is easy! But why not make it easy for your more ‘carnivorous’ customers to embrace a plant-based diet too? You know, the ones for whom a meal out isn’t a treat unless they can have a succulent steak or a juicy burger?



Total Foodservice has just added the most delicious veggie burger to our extensive range of vegetarian and vegan products. The Moving Mountains Burger is totally plant-based, but barely distinguishable from a meat-filled beef burger. It sizzles, it’s juicy pink in the middle, and it tastes great. Yet not a single animal was harmed in its production. Truly a guilt-free trip of indulgence! Order yours now


We’ll also be adding some more delicious meat-free products to our range, just wait till you try our sausage rolls and pasties …

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