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Top Tips for Food Hygiene


Cross Contamination is one of the most common causes of food poisoning, and it occurs when bacteria are spread between food. Follow these top tips to minimise risks in your workplace!

1. Clean and Disinfect your work surfaces, chopping boards and equipment thoroughly before you prep any food, and after you have used them to prep raw foods.

2. Use correct equipment (such as chopping boards and knives) for raw meats/poultry and ready-to-eat food.

3. Wash your hands before preparing food.

4. Wash your hands thoroughly after touching raw food.

5. Keep raw and ready-to-eat food separate at all times, including packaging material for ready-to-eat food

6. Store raw food below all other foods in the fridge to prevent juices dripping, causing cross contamination. If possible, use separate fridges

7. Ensure there are separate working areas , storage facilities and clothing for staff handling raw and ready-to-eat foods.

8. Use separate machinery and equipment, such as vacuum packing machines, slicers and mincers for raw and ready-to-eat foods.

9. Use separate cleaning materials such as cloths, sponges and mops in areas where ready-to-eat foods are stored, handled and prepared.

10. Train your staff to know and understand the causes of cross contamination and how to avoid it.

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