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Catering for Vegans during BBQ Season


It’s coming up to BBQ season

As we look forward to summer we’re starting to think about eating outdoors – and it seems we’re not alone.


The UK’s biggest BBQ-focused campaign, the market-leading National BBQ Week will be returning for the 23rd year in a row – from Spring Bank Holiday Monday 27 May to Sunday, 2 June. With the half-term holiday and longer days we think it’s the perfect time to host a BBQ!


It’s no wonder BBQs have become an increasingly popular event in pubs and restaurants – they’re a great way to offer a more casual and fun style of eating out plus chefs get the opportunity to show off their culinary skills in the great outdoors instead of the busy kitchen. And families, friends, neighbours can enjoy a get together without the hassle of dragging the barbie out of the garage, cleaning it and waiting for the charcoal to get hot – or the risk of dad donning his apron and producing food that’s burnt on the outside and raw in the middle!


But with National BBQ Week encouraging caterers to fire up the grill for Grill Thrills and Gastro Grilling, customers are going to be looking for something more exotic than a few steaks, burgers, pieces of chicken and sausages.


And what about the non-meat eaters?


Estimates show there are around 3 million vegetarians and half a million vegans in the UK and the number of people following a plant-based diet from time to time or choosing to eat non-meat dishes when they eat out is growing. So what can you throw on the barbie for them?


Fortunately there are plenty of BBQ-friendly foods that are naturally suitable for vegans (and of course vegetarians). A great start would be something simple and colourful such as fruits and vegetables. For example: chunks of pepper, courgette and aubergine alternated with BBQ sauce-infused tofu make delicious kebabs, or for something sweet, try grilling pineapple rings, bananas or peach halves.


Large flat mushrooms and sliced aubergines cook brilliantly on a BBQ and are a tasty alternative to meat either in a bun or served with a variety of delicious vegan-friendly salads.  There are a number of recipes available for creating cauliflower steaks – another fab meat-free alternative to steak, or why not whizz some chickpeas, sweetcorn, coriander, paprika and cumin together to make some delicious spicy vegan burgers?


Of course – to make life simpler for the caterer – we’ve been challenging our buying team to find great speciality vegan products and have selected a delicious range that your customers will love. Just ask our sales team for advice OR click here 



So fire up the grill, fill the air with the smells and sounds of summer and let the BBQ season begin. For everyone!


And don’t forget to let everyone know what you’re up to #NatBBQ2019 #Vegan #veganfood

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