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Gluten Free Menu Ideas


The rise in the number of people who have dietary requirements of some description has been one of the major trends of recent years.

More and more people are choosing to avoid certain foods for health, conscience and lifestyle, and operators looking to carve out a niche could focus on offering dishes aimed at this growing sector and see their establishment's reputation rise.

Whilst only 1% of the population are diagnosed coeliac, 54% of households joined the gluten-free trend in the first three months of this year by buying at least one product from the category, so there's a huge market for quality dishes that contain no gluten.

Making the effort to come up with some interesting and innovative gluten free dishes can inspire and interest customers and raise an operator's credentials.

Offering choice is never a disadvantage, provided you can keep your menu streamlined and limit the ingredients you use across the menu to minimize waste.

Marketing your gluten free credentials is essential. In the main if a party is going out to eat, those with the dietary needs tend to drive the choice of venue, therefore if they know they can come to your venue and get the kind of food that they feel comfortable to eat then you're onto a winner.

Gluten free cuisine can seem like a daunting prospect but it represents an exciting and growing market and by establishing your presence within it will make you a place for them and by extension, their friends, family and work colleagues.

Total Foodservice has a whole range of foods and products free from Gluten. Here are some of the best and (sometimes) most surprising.

1. Pates & Parfaits

Whether you prefer to scoop, slice or have individual portions, Total Foodservice have a whole host of exciting Pates, Parfaits and Terrines including our Ham Hock & Pea Terrine pictured above.

2. Chilled Fresh Soups

Creating a batch of fresh delicious soup can be a pretty simple task, but ensuring you have exciting flavours, exotic ingredients AND preparing and cooking in a Gluten Free environment can complicate the process no end. Our fresh chilled soups come in a variety of exciting flavours including; Boston Chicken Chowder, Tuscan Tomato with Basil and Carrot & Coriander, and can look completely homemade so you won’t feel like you’re serving ‘ready-made’ soups to your customers.

3. Baked Breads

Yes, that’s right we said BREAD. Technology has come a very long way in being able to produce breads free from gluten and we’re confident that the bread rolls we have chosen for you will not disappoint.

4. Deli Meat Platters

This is (to some) an obvious Free-From choice. But so many establishments miss a trick by not declaring this “Free from Gluten” on their menus. Include sliced deli meats, Antipasto marinated olives & artichoke and grilled mixed Mediterranean vegetables.

5. Filled Savoury Tarts

Although the Gluten Free trend is growing there are still those who have a “No Gluten = No Taste” attitude, these pastry tarts will change that. Made with leading technology which mean the pastry is just as buttery, flaky and delicious as one with gluten and filled with delicious cheese sauces and accompanying flavours. These tarts are also suitable for vegetarians so are a great addition to your menu.

76767 Kale, Caramelised Onion and Feta Tart 16x140gm

54094 Brie & Red Onion Tart in Cheese Pastry 16x170gm

6. Fish & Chip Shop Bites

Sometimes a product is just too good to be grouped into a category. And these Fish & Chip Shop Bites are certainly that! MSC cod with peas and diced potatoes seasoned with salt & vinegar and the coated in a gluten-free crispy cider vinegar seasoned batter.

7. Fresh Frozen Fish

Last year consumers spent approximately £3.1bn on eating seafood out of home, an increase of 1.5% on the previous year. With fish becoming more and more popular it’s important you can offer sustainable varieties all year around. It is often perceived that “Fresh is best”, but with modern freezing technology allowing fish to be Individually Quick Frozen there are many benefits of buying and cooking with fresh frozen fish. Click here to read more about our Fresh Frozen Fish.

8. Chilled Potato Products

These chilled potatoes and potato specialities maintain maximum taste. And yet these products still have a long shelf life: five weeks if left unopened and three days after opening. The value of speed and convenience should not be underestimated when it comes to professional kitchens. Professional products that are suited to the local market; full of taste and quick and easy to prepare.

Gratin, Mash, Table Potatoes and Slices are just some of the products available in this range.

Click here for recipes and ideas.

9. Chutneys & Table Sauces

Many of the chutneys and table sauces in the Fairway Foodservice range are free from wheat and gluten. Don’t forget to mention this on your menu!

10. Stocks, gravies and cooking sauces

We have a whole host of stocks, gravies and sauces which are free from gluten (as well as many of them being suitable for vegetarians and vegans). Meaning they are perfect for creating your own gluten free dishes and adding extra flavour to otherwise mediocre dishes.

11. Wrapped Confectionery

Muffins, Slices, Tarts and Flapjacks individually wrapped and marked Gluten Free. Put these near the till to encourage impulse buys.

12. Cakes, Pies and Tarts

Our range of sweet treats which are free from gluten has expanding greatly over the last few years. Whether it’s chocolatey, fruity or a creamy cheesecake your customers crave, we have it. And what’s more… they are no less delicious (in fact in most cases MORE delicious) than their gluten containing comparisons. Try our Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie if you need proof!



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