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National Baking Week

We are delirious with joy!

We’ve just a week to recover from the sugary delights of National Cake Week before National Baking Week is upon us from the 16th to 22nd October.

It’s been shown that baking is good for us – it’s creative, it appeals to all 5 senses and it can help our mental health. What’s more, the results make everyone happy.

The great thing is (as anyone who watches Great British Bake Off will know) that baking encompasses a massive variety of good things – savoury and sweet. You can bake bread, biscuits, buns, cheesecake, cookies, flapjack, meringues, muffins, pastry (choux, shortcrust, hot water, flaky, puff, filo or suet), pies, puddings, scones, shortbread, sponges, swiss rolls, tarts, teacakes and traybakes.

Now you might be thinking this is all a bit of a faff in your busy kitchen, but you don’t have to bake everything from scratch for it to taste great.

Of course Total Foodservice can supply all the raw ingredients you need to make fabulous baked goods – even the fresh meat for your savoury fillings, but we also sell helpful time-saving products like ready to roll pastry – even pastry sheets and tart cases ready to fill – plus various mixes for cakes, flapjack, muffins and scones.

And if you’re still too busy, we’ve got a range of ready to bake breads, pies, pasties and sweet and savoury puddings to tickle your customers’ tastebuds.

If the mood took you, you could mimic GBBO and have a theme for each day. For example, Monday could be pastry day, with a nice savoury quiche or pasty on the main course menu and profiteroles for dessert. Friday might be pudding day, with a steamed steak and ale or lamb and mint suet pudding followed by a baked apple sponge. Proper comfort food for colder days!

So you see, there’s no excuse not to join in National Baking Week.

What will you be baking? Share your good news! #NationalBakingWeek #NBW @bakingweek


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