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Using Eco Cleaning in Care Homes


Where people live and work in close contact with one another, such as in care homes, nursing homes and schools, the risk of infections being passed around is always great. And for the elderly and vulnerable, contracting an infection, whether it is a stomach bug, skin or respiratory disease, may be serious.

Some microorganisms (viruses, bacteria and fungi) may survive on surfaces for months, ever ready to infect individuals. Although this might sound rather sinister, effective cleaning should ensure these harmful germs are removed in the first instance – reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

But what sort of cleaning materials should we use to decontaminate both hard surfaces and fabrics – when traditional cleaning products that claim to kill all germs often contain ingredients that are toxic to humans as well?

Ammonia, for instance, is a strong irritant, and has been linked to kidney and liver damage. If splashed onto the skin or in the eyes, chlorine-based bleach can cause severe burns. Some cleaners emit fumes that may harm the lungs (which is why they always recommend only using them in a well-ventilated environment).

Some bacteria have developed resistance to antibacterial cleaners, making those cleaners less effective.

Fortunately, new developments in ‘green’ technology mean that strong chemicals are not the only cleaning agents we can turn to.

Green biological cleaners use bio-solvents, oxygen bleach and specially selected microbes for different purposes. In effect, these microbes eat the organic matter – whether it is fat, grime, dirt or other organic matter – and digest it, turning it into carbon dioxide and water.

Not only do green products work more effectively than harsher chemicals, they are also better for the environment, safe to use, and odour-free.

Because the environment we live is important to Total Foodservice, our range of janitorial products includes eco-label, DEFRA-approved cleaning range and washroom materials.

Our very own cleaning expert, Frank Maguire, knows how effective green cleaning solutions are, and has thrown down his rubber gauntlet to prove it.

You can read about how to challenge Frank on page 123 of our provisions brochure. If you’d like him to give you a demonstration, please contact your rep, who will make an appointment for him to visit.


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